Monday, 7 May 2012

Air Keroh Country Resort

I love to write a review of the hotel, chalet, or homestay that I went before so that people can review and choose the suitable hotel for their trip (because I did the same thing. Read from the blogs, check the comment and review, then I proceed with the booking!)

For Melaka, there have a lot of Hotel, and Resort that you might choose. Depend on the budget. For the low budget people like ME, I prefer the hotel located in Air Keroh because it is much cheaper compared to Bandar Melaka. *Take note that Melaka is a small state. Even from Air Keroh to Bandar Melaka, it takes less than 20mins by car*. So, it is worth if I choose to stay in Air Keroh instead of Melaka City rite?

Also, the attraction or the POI place that people normally visit located very nearby with Air Keroh such as Zoo, Crocodile sanctuary, Butterfly, and whatsoever.. Plus, if anybody want to visit A Famosa, it takes about 20mins to reach there. 

So, I chose Air Keroh Country Resort. Seriously, it is 'country'. Hehe. I booked the room via online booking. No need to pay for deposit. But, have to do some confirmation via email. Seriously easy.


Room. Got ASTRO and the most important got KBS WORLD 391. yeehaaaa

Swimming pool for children & adult. For adult, it is until 2.5m deep... Deep rite??

Also, it is equipped with tennis court (interesting), got some outdoor activities as well. I did not join for outdoor activities since I am busy with food, chit chat with friends, sleeping in a comfortable room with a cool air-cond, and travelling around. Hehe!

They served us with a nice breakfast FREE. Quite a lot of menu. Last time got nasi goreng, potato, mee, porridge, and a lot of stuff to eat. Breakfast will be serve started at 7.00am until 11.00am. HAHA. So, enjoy my day with eating (save money), and visit A Famosa later with full stomach.

Price? For me, last time, for 2 adult, it costs me about RM 170* (for weekend) per night. Check in time: 2pm and Check out: 12pm.. Also, the plus point about this resort is, it is located so near with McDonalds =).

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