Monday, 31 December 2012

Legoland Malaysia

I just came back from Legoland Malaysia. So, I would like to share few pictures, as a reference to anyone (maybe got someone plan to go to Legoland for the future. Who knows? coz normally i will google first before travel to anywhere).

Ok, here we go!

8.30 AM
(Better come as early as you can. You can enjoy and play more games before noon. Noon is quite crowded as you need to queue for at least 15mins for each game.

Entrance fee:

- better bring umbrella as it is quite hot
- drinks inside the bag (a bottle of coke- 500mL costs MYR5. walao... so expensive).
- and, extra clothing for those who are so call "cerewet".. Hehe

I hope few pictures below can give you a little bit of imagination for Legoland Malaysia.

Miniature of Putrajaya - all made by lego

You can see RapidKL bus there! hehe.. so cute

Lego can float on the water

KLCC miniature ( actually, klcc with suria klcc)

klia airport

boat driving school

Actually, i want to share a lot more picture. But, as I was too busy with the games, especially the one that have water. I like water =))

As you can see, the miniature building look so impressive, and very neat. I can't believe that they can build a lot of thing with lego. Awesome!

And, i watched 3D short movie (forgot the name). The cartoon is so cute. And the moment when the character riding a car in a dessert, you can feel the strong wind blew inside the theatre. And, when there is a snow inside the movie, the real snow also you can feel in the theatre. 

It was great!

I heard that they plan to build new water park. Will come again once the water park complete. 

Here, also they have few types of roller coaster. It was fun, and scary!! Coz I am afraid of height. Hehe

Sunday, 23 December 2012

Genting highland trip

I am just came back from Genting Highland. Few pictures to share. Overall, i enjoy the scenery & environment as i really love cold place (the snowhouse is -7ÂșC).
Maybe will come again next year =).

Space shot. Scary~!

Very natural

Freeze show

Saturday, 15 December 2012

Good Food: Siam Coffee & Dining @ Subang Parade

For those who deeply in love with Thai-Siam food. Please try this!

Siam Coffee & Dining, Subang Parade.

Food: Awesome, taste different, and most important, tomyam: very kawwww... Haha
You can request any fish and cook with the style that you like. Ex: steam, lemon-lime, masak apa2 syle pon boleh.
So far, this is the best restaurant in the shopping complex that can offer this kind of taste. Perghhh~!

Butter prawn: Very good texture, and not oily

Tomyam-very kawww