Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Good Food: Salmon & Cold noodles from Delicious Sunway Pyramid

Salmon is my favorite fish.
I just love it no matter either you deep fry, raw, or I dont care, I just love it.
There's certain day where I feel I need some refreshment, I will eat salmon.

So, here is the Salmon + Cold noodles.
I dont know where did I learn to eat cold noodles.
Guess that since Bangkok trip as that's the only outlet label with "International Halal Cert".
So, I just go for it, and never knew I will like it so much even some of my friends will show some vomiting blood face expression. Haha..

For this dish, I give 3 stars out of 5.
As I find that it is a bit sweet. I dont really like sweet taste, esp for my cold noodle.
But, I like the way they deco my plate =)

Saturday, 16 November 2013

Bad Food: Shogun Express, Jaya One

Selalu asik post good food. So, this time nak share "bad food" pulak..
So, i've tried Shogun Express in Jaya One, Petaling Jaya.

So, here we go..
Do you notice something??

Our rice is just a normal, hard, Malaysian rice.. not Japanese rice.
I am disappointed!

And my Unagi Kabayaki, taste bad. I prefer Sushi King.
So, Shogun, I am so sorry! Sushi King is better...

Sunday, 13 October 2013

I miss you! Zoo Negara, Malaysia

This is my second visit to Zoo Negara. Actually, this photo is taken last Sept 2013..
Watching animals is so much fun.

Oh dear, you are so cute..

This is my territory..

See, even some animals also kepochi.. Watching their neighbor all the time. 
And this three cute lion enjoy playing with water..

And, introducing.. our new neighbor, just on board that time. He look nervous, yet very cute.

Endangered species 

This is Hyena.. You will know him, if you watch "Lion King".

My all time favorite animal.. Mr Giraffe!!

And, this is me, in front of Zoo Negara Entrance..

Good Food: Selasih Restaurant, Subang Parade

I love food.
And, i found one more restaurant, which can offer a variety of local Malaysian Malay food, and taste good.
Here it is, Selasih - Located at the LG floor, in Subang Parade.

It is a bit expensive, but worth it.
At least it is cheaper than secret receipe.. So, not bad right?

I ate this yesterday, Nasi Kukus Kelantan

Soto - Thumbs up! =)

Thursday, 5 September 2013

Travel: Merayap due to water disruption - Sunway Lagoon Theme Park

Happy Merdeka Day Malaysia~!
I always proud to be Malaysian. Even I am hoping that my skin colour look like Korean (yikes! muntahhh).

As usual, water disruption again, for Subang Jaya area.. and, not only my place affected, but i think Selangor area and certain part of KL as well. Ok, then we (me and my officemate) decided to take a bath at Sunway Lagoon. Weehuuu..

No, actually the original plan was, we want to ride Vuvuzela..

this is how Vuvuzela look like. The orange and red creature.. Well, I am well known as "afraid of height".. I just want to ride this one. It was scary at first. It is still scary, but fun... We try this one 3 times...  i repeat, 3 times! haha..

The second attraction here is 5D movie.. but, i prefer 4D movie in LegoLand. Maybe because of the 3D effect of the movie is not really good. The plus point here compared to Legoland is just because the chair is shaking sync with the movie and water effect. Haha.. I dont understand why i scream like hell even i know it is just a movie. Strange... 

My friend is like very extream. they tried flying fox, jumping here and there, and i just like water very much. I enjoy swimming in the swimming pool, and it lasts for almost 6 hours there. Can you imagine? wahaha..Love it! 

And, the effect of swimming for long hours is...

Thanks sun! 

Friday, 21 June 2013

Good Food: Cendol at Madam Kwan

I enjoy Madam Kwan's food very much. I like Char Kuey Teow, Beef Rendang, and for dessert, of course Cendol =))

I introduce Cendol to my colleagues from India. He enjoy it very much.
This one is pretty nice.
They serve the sugar separately so that we can control the sweetness level.
Good for health of course.
Anyway, I always recommend Madam Kwan.

My favorite outlet for Madam Kwan is located at KLCC. But, if you dont want the crowded one, you can try 1Utama..

Saturday, 15 June 2013

Food: Pizza at Papa Rich

Papa Rich is one of my favorite makan place. I dont know why. First, I like the Red beans pau. Very nice. Please try. Hehe.. Today, I try the Pizza. For me, not bad. Just that the cheese on top is too many for me. I need more chicken or beef bolognese. Overall, 3 star for you.

Saturday, 1 June 2013

Product Review: Brushing better with Sonicare

I know that some say it is wasting money buying such an expensive electrical toothbrush.
Ouch~! It hurts me sometimes because I am using it.

Normally, I change my toothbrush every 1 month.
Why? Because I bought the Soft brush head, and the way I brush my teeth is like crazy.
My friend said, the way I brush my teeth is equal to washing my white colour school shoe.. Hihi.. Very rough. 
So, one toothbrush is equals to RM6.90/month.
For 3 months = 20.70.

But, sometimes I bought the expensive Colgate toothbrush, and it is about RM12++

Then, my boss from Singapore said that, why dont you buy electrical toothbrush..

My awareness about oral health is not bad.
At least once a year, I will go to dental clinic for scaling.

Once I try electrical toothbrush, I feel fresh.
Whoaa.. Good feeling. The feeling is like, normally dentist will polish my teeth after scaling. So, my teeth feel fresh and clean, exactly the same feeling like after brushing using Sonicare.

So, no regret, I bought this one, and the brush head is still ok even after 3 months using it. But, they recommend to change the brush head every 3 months..

I am so excited to brush my teeth, again and again.. =)

Product Review: The best shampoo in the world. Hehe

I know that theres a lot of advertisement for shampoo.
Believe it, i tried it all.
Last time i use Loreal, Head n Shoulder, Sunsilk,Rejoice, and what else? Name it..
But, I am not satisfied with the result.

Until one day, I went to the saloon, to cut my hair.
Each time, the hair dresser offer me to give discount for the shampoo.
Normally, I reject the offer because I think that, better buy shampoo in guardian or watson.
But somehow, I agree.

You know why?
I just realize that certain product, they only sell it in the professional channel.
Because it is the high end product.
So, I believe that saloon is considered as professional channel.

So, i bought this shampoo.

This Shampoo is manufactured in London.
Price: I forgot actually, but I guess about RM40?? For 400mL.

I like the peppermint smell-feeling.
My hair become softer throughout the day.
Even I am wearing hijab, everything is alright.

Now, I dont want to switch to other brand.
Definitely will buy this shampoo again later.

I highly recommend this shampoo.

Friday, 31 May 2013

My version of porridge

Its Weekend =))) yeeeehaaaaa!!
I feel so tired yesterday and I slept about 10 hours last night.
Wakeup fresh, early in the morning, and I cook porridge for my breakfast.

And, after 2 hours, I feel hungry again..
This is the starting point where I feel regret eating porridge.

Wednesday, 22 May 2013

The apprentice Asia: Whoaaa

I am the no.1 fan for The Apprentice, watching and also learning something from Donald Trump. He is awesome.
For Asia version, I guess that Tony Fernandes is way too strict compared to Donald Trump.
But, i like his style =)

The candidates look pretty awesome.
Some works for many years in marketing, and sales field.
Some owns company with countless branches all over the country.
They are awesome people.

I am wondering where to put myself after watching them.

From the 1st episode, i can conclude that, tho most of them have wide experience in business, somehow, we should ensure that we have a good basic.

As I am still learning about business, strategy is important.

Reflect back to myself, I am doing marketing. Almost everyday, I check my pricing, do analysis, do survey, market research, sometimes, i dont know what I am doing everyday by looking a lot of calculation and numbers. I am not sure either I am doing it correctly, and does my work contribute something good to company? Jeng, jeng, jeng..

Sometimes, almost getting crazy because of need to do justification, experiment, and confuse either my sales mechanics is good enough? Hmm..

In business, they call marketing team as a planner.

Before I join marketing team, I am doing sales. It is true that doing sales is much more enjoyable. At least within a month, no need to stay back and do paperwork for at least 3 days in a week. I feel that I am more lively in the field compared to stuck in the office.

And, most of the time, when the sales rise very high, Sales person will claim that, it is because of us, we did well this month. Or, if sales drop, we start to blame each other. Haha. It is common.

Results is important

Friday, 3 May 2013

eLife: Dont be stupid. They just need money.

Sape yang pernah try eLife ni, ade hajat rasa nak berbisnes, nak kaye cepat?
Baik try benda lain. Stop jela One Community eLife ni a.k.a dont be stupid.

Product ni (mesin terapi ion) tak pernah bersalah.
Tapi, orang yang run business ni dengan cara MLM, desak orang sampai sanggup berhutang, tipu kawan, buat personal loan bagai, itu ialah cara yang salah.

Ada la kurang dari 10 orang ex-student satu universiti dulu masuk eLife ni.
Camane diorang boleh join pon aku tak tau. Tapi leader diorang tu, keje kat HKL, tapi bukan doctor, pegawai dalam bidang kesihatan.
Dulu, orang panggil die dgn nickname die je, skarang ni, da jadi orang besa la katekan, kena panggil "Encik" walaupon sebaya. Pecaye? haizz

Sebab konon2 die bagos sangat, ramai la budak Uni aku ni, esp yang tak dapat keje lagi, yg dah keje tapi nak lompat keje, masuk benda ni.

Salah ke diorang nak bisnes?
Memang tak salah nak bisnes. Tapi, takyah la sampai tipu orang, buat orang sakit hati, kena pinjam duit ribu2, buat loan, sampai smua orang pon rase trauma kalau dapat SMS nak pinjam duit.

Camane susah pon aku, akan ada rasa malu nak pinjam duit dari rakan-rakan, lebih2 lagi yang tak bape kenal, tibe2 nak pinjam duit. Kalau bestfriend pecaye la jugak. Tapi, kalau fikir, sebab bukan best friend la die berani buat camtu, sebab kalau tak baya balik pon, nak gaduh pon, die takde rase bersalah. Kan?

Biasenye taktik orang eLife ni, mula2 nak pinjam RM3,000.
So, mula la die nak pinjam RM500 dari 6 orang kawan.. Taktik die memang kena pinjam skali banyak. Sebab kalau pinjam RM100, nak kne cari 30 orang plak.. So, kalau pinjam rm500, mungkin ade lagi yg mintak tawar, dari RM500, 400,300,200, last2 dapat RM100 je?? ade pulak yg boleh bagi RM50.
So, die akan send SMS nak pinjam skali banyak..

Heran, apsal die tak berani call?
Sebab, statement call ni storyline die boleh bertukar2.. Bukan senang nak tipu.. Kalau 30 orang call die serentak tanye knape nak pinjam duit, pengsan la, SMS je.

Dan, ade yg aku paling takleh blah, siap ade yg cakap, family sakit, nak pinjam duit, nak buat treatment, dan yg paling best, dan terkini, nak pinjam RM30,000 sebab nak beli mesen ni untuk buat treatment.
So, boleh tak engkau sebagai kawan, buat loan untuk aku?
Perghhh.. gile ke nak buat loan untuk org yg takde pertalian darah? Kalau die kaye raye takpe. Personal loan bukan shortcut, dan akhirnye akan sengsara jugakkk...

Lagi satu, mase korang join eLife ni, memang la die cakap ukhwah persahabatan sangat erat konon. Pastu dengan orang lain takleh pecaye sebab kata2 orang lain akan menjatuhkan semangat kite konon. Dan, bile aku tengok orang yang dah quit eLife ni, diorang trus buang kau dari hidup diorang.
Sangat bertentangan prinsip a.k.a kawan sebab duit.

Rase macam sedih gak la. Ramainye orang bodoh melayu join. Sesungguhnye, takde cara senang nak dapat duit. Dan dpd korang invest atau buat loan dgn kawan2 dan dapat cacian dari kawan, putus kawan untuk dapat pinjam RM3,00 atau RM30,000, baik la korang pegi invest duit tu buat bisnes lain.

Sila jangan tertipu. Sesape yang nak sample SMS dari ramai penipu eLife, please contact me =)

Sunday, 28 April 2013

Program: Back to school, mrsm mersing

After 9 years, finally, I am back to my beloved, my ex-school, MRSM Mersing =))
Seriously miss this place so much, where I grown up, learn from each other, practically, I met a lot of nice buddy here!
How cool last time where each of us help each other, in terms of study..
Thanks a lot everyone =)

What made us back to school?
Generally, it is part of reunion, also to meet our teacher, who support us, who always friendly to us, who we respect the most, without fail, made us always move one step ahead, thanks so much miss elly.. so cool of you, my Bahasa Malaysia teacher =)

Also, because of our junior.
Maybe, our junior need to work harder. Last time, all of us stand up, to prove that we are among the best mrsm in malaysia, lets beat other mrsm bitara.

It was funny when the teacher ask us for not too struggle, because they afraid that the ranking might drop for the next year. Hey, we manage to climb drastically, to be among the best mrsm in 2004, we are top 10 =)). It is not no.8,9, or 10 as I remember.

We are so proud to bring mrsm mersing up to the top 6, and scare mrsm bitara that time. We are so new, and I am the 3rd batch of spm for mrsm mersing. So, we advice the junior that life is not easy as we need to be strong. SPM is not the real challenge anyway. If they find that they almost give up by now, they should change the mindstate.

We might not the best people on earth, but we try to present in this world in the best pose/best shot that we can show. Anyway, I enjoyed my learning process in mersing. It is always the best place to come back =). Thanks dear teacher, thanks so much!

And, definitely, we enjoy our bbq session with my ex-schoolmate, and not forgotten, warung cendol that we always come and enjoy during ouring. Hehe..

Will come back. Promise =)

Good Food: Kluang Rail station, Kluang Johor

Heyy.. Kluang is my hometown =). Definitely, we have the best coffee shop in Malaysia..hehe.
Last time, I can only enjoy this coffee at the railway, Kluang. 
Now, they open one more branch, also in Kluang, nearby the roundabout.

What is so good about Kluang Rail Coffee?
Taste fresh, and so kawww...
Please try, and you will notice the difference.

Pau Tuna
I tried Kluang Rail Coffee at Ikano Power Centre, Damansara, the coffee taste about similar, but of course it is more pricey..
Btw, only in Kluang branch, you can order very fluffy Pau (Pau Tuna & Sambal) as above picture and also superb Roti Bulat like picture below.

Roti Bulat

What about the price? Check this!!
Awesome right?

I love Kluang =)

Saturday, 23 March 2013

Korea Trip 1: Nami Island

This is my first trip to South Korea. I love to share whatever that I saw and learn along the trip.
My first destination is Nami Island.
Maybe for those whom follow drama like Winter Sonata & Autum in my heart, you will know this place, and in fact, you will know and remember every scene..
It is almost end of winter this time.
I can feel the heat from the sun, yet it is cold. If I am not mistaken, it is around 2 degree celcius this time.

Little snowman, do you remember the scene where Eugene and Jun Sang made the little snowman? This is the one!

It is ice on top of the lake

Nami Island is situated 63km from Seoul, in the middle of Han River.
According to our tourist guide, the place located to the north from Seoul is colder than south, east, and west.
So, prepare with long jacket.

Do you remember the scene where Eugene and Jun Sang ride bicycle together after school?
This is the place!

Actually, the island is quite small, but very attractive.
After Winter Sonata drama become a hit worldwide, they do some decoration so that the tourist will come and visit.
The circumference of this island is 5km.
I walk slowly and enjoy the scenery very much. 

I forgot what is the meaning of this stone.

Hmm.. will share more photos next time..

Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Korea Trip 1: Preparation (Checklist)

I was so busy before travelling to Korea. But, I manage to complete at least 90% of my checklist.
Checklist (must have):
1) Search for weather forecast. 
- I am travelling during end of winter. But, it is cold. Average of 2 degree celcius is cold for me.
2) Jacket/winter coat
-For me, let say the temperature is -2 degree celcius, long sleeve shirt + jacket is enough. But, for my first day, I need a pair of gloves. But, the next day, I dont wear gloves anymore. Maybe I can adapt with the weather in a day.
3) Wear socks and full covered shoes.
-Even Koreans also wearing full covered shoes.
4) Lip gloss
5) Moisturizer. Seriously, it is dry in Korea. 
6) Multiple socket/international plug.
7)Power Bank for handphone.
8) Not forgotten, the most important one, Korean Won a.k.a MONEY.

Sunday, 10 March 2013

South Korea: I am cominggg.... even without preparation..

I am going to Korea.
But, I havent prepare anything.
1st thing in my mind is just:
"How to subscribe internet roaming package?" You know that i can die without internet in my hands!

2nd preparation:
Money exchange.

Ok, That's the  only preparation that I did..
The rest, .. I surrender to God.

Food: "Make"Kelantan food @Sunway Pyramid

I miss Kelantan food very much! 
When I was a student, I used to eat, and eat, and eat, a lot. Kelantan is food heaven. Taste different. 
My favorite is Nasi Kak Wok of course.
Nasi Kak Wok is actually plain rice (thai rice), gulai kelantan, fried chicken, plus sambal, and not forgotten, cucumber. Very simple, yet delicious.
Second best is Nasi Kukus (as picture above).

Hey, actually I just came back from my late lunch at "make"restaurant at Sunway Pyramid. They serve 100% Kelantan food. I order Nasi Kukus, plus teh ice.

Taste 80%, almost similar with Kelantan food in Kelantan. But, a little bit different as they cook in urban way. 
Teh ais almost the same. I seriously admire teh ais in Kelantan. They use cheap tea powder. But, taste is the best.

And, the good thing is...

How much it cost for my Nasi Kukus + Teh Ais?



No wonder nobody come and eat there.
How come 3x expensive than the original one??
I regret..

But, once in a while, ok la.. fine..
No need to take flight just because of I miss kelantan food.
This restaurant really know how to take advantage to people like me, who really love kelantan food.

Sunday, 24 February 2013

Nice Food: Roti canai cheese @Upin Ipin, Shah Alam

I am super duper lazy to cook now. I am looking for good roti canai.
So, finally I found it! hooreyyyyy!!

It is located nearby Tesco Extra Shah Alam, Restoran Upin Ipin.
The texture look really good.
I give 4.5 stars out of 5 =))

But, I dont like kuah kari and dalca. Not suit with my taste.
The roti is really good. Yeehaaa!!
Plus, coffee tarik. Superb ok!

Food: Yee Sang

Happy Chinese New Year!
This is the first time I eat Yee Sang, and I love it so much.
How to describe Yee Sang??
For me, it is like a salad, fresh vegetables, and eat with a sauce.
Taste good and fresh.

Food: Hainan Chicken Chop @ Sunway Pyramid

As everyone knows, that I am in love with food. Btw, I hold the mayorship at Delicious, Sunway Pyramid. 
I think they should give me 20% discount at least.

Food is like a treatment for my weekend.
Last week is so hectic. I am unable to breathe.
Ok, proceed with my review:

This menu is recommended by the chef.
For me, it is good & unique compared to other typical chicken chop.
Hainan chicken is very soft, covered with egg.
But, the problem is, it is a bit oily due to the eggs absorb oil.
Maybe they should wipe the oil before serve it to the customer.
The sauce is nicely done and suit with asian taste, like spageti sauce, sweet and sour, but not spicy.

But, I give 3.5 stars out of 5 =)

Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Review: Thursday Plantation (Tea Tree Oil)


Sebenarnye dah lama perasan. Jerawat banyak gile tumbuh dekat kawasan selain T-zone. Pelik kann.. selalunye dia banyak tumbuh dekat T-zone. Ni yang rasa nak pengsan nie (saje nak over).

So, kite assume mungkin hormon tak stabil sebab stress (ye ke?), atau kurang tido, minum air, banyak toksin, dll.. sekarang jerawat banyak tumbuh dekat area mandible belah kanan. Sakit okeyyy..

Oleh itu, hari ini saya telah membeli Tea Tree Oil, Thursday Plantation. Tak tau lagi effect die camana. Baru pakai sekali. Haha.. Kalau best bole la nak suggestkan kat sesiapa kannn..

#13th Feb 2013: First try. Tea tree ni cepat serap dalam kulit. Bau tea tree agak kuat, medicine like smell gitu. Tapi, dia tak busuk.

Sehari apply 1-2 drops aje as per advice.
So, just wait and see...

Sunday, 27 January 2013

Customize cake order

I am one of her fan. She is the finalist of masterchef malaysia 2. Nora Basik!! clap2x =)
Thinking of a great idea to celebrate my sister birthday, I come across to search in google, the best cake flavour.
But, I dont found anything which is rare. Disappointed.
I dont like cake so much because most cakes are all the same.
Either cream, chocolate, fruit, sponge cake, pavlova, cupcakes, and the flavour, the most common one is chocolate, tiramisu, and other coffee flavour.
So boring!!

So, Nora Basik offer a package, that you can order anything, and she will do it. Nice!!
At first, I need cake with citrus flavour. Why all cakes are sweet? Why we dont have sour cake?

And, after few discussion, she offer me, chocolate cake, with lemon cream cheese (this one is nice!!), with limau bali and pomegranate as a topping.
This one is seriously Malaysian style! haha. So, no more kiwi, cherry, strawberry and etc which i like it so much. 

tq nora =)

Sunday, 13 January 2013

This is crazy.haha

I am one of her biggest fan! I know that this is one of my crazy idea. Well, i am dying to try her cooking or baking for real.

I wish that she will deliver the cake to my house! =)))

Sunday, 6 January 2013

Good Food: Pavlova and Calamari

As usual, wanna share some great food.
I just came back from Delicious, Sunway Pyramid (again.. haha)

This time I tried Pavlova and Calamari.

I taught that Pavlova is very sweet. So, I am so scared to try.
Ok, below is my comment.

Pavlova Chocolate

Actually, Pavlova is a piece of dessert, that contain cream inside, and covered by Meringue.
This one, the Meringue is chocolate flavor. I guess normally the Meringue is in white color.
The cream is not sweet. So, it is balance. Meringue (sweet a bit), cream (not sweet).
So, the combination is good. 

Fried Calamari

For this one, it is a bit frustrated.
It is too oily for me. And, it is too brittle.
The flour is not stick well with the Calamari.
But, I like the sauce.

Finally, weekend is almost over.
I am quite sad as weekend is the time where I can try good food and enjoy it.
Nevermind, see you next week!