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My 1st day for school ;)

Today marks my historical calendar. Finally, I manage to register for my MBA. What do you think I feel? Of course excited, blur, still motivated, and honestly.. tired. Haha

I am excited because, yes.. this is another journey for me. Never think of really make it happen.
And I am a bit blur because I have no idea if I have made a correct choice (Nobody knows anyway). But, I know that I just give a shot. That's me. Unpredicted, but I will make sure to prove everyone wrong with all of the early judgement. 
Motivated. I want to prove to everyone that science student can do well in business class.
And after all, I feel tired because UiTM is too big for me. Haha. I get used to USM campus Kubang Kerian's size. Small but comfortable, and warm.
I know that I am over-excited i facebook. Not to show off, because most of my friends already completed their masters. So, I dont think anybody will get offended or annoyed with me. But, surprisingly my ex-dorm mate from school ping me in faceb…