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Syawal 2016

Selamat Hari Raya!

Raya 2016 is considered as not bad for me. At least I manage to reach home like 4 days before Raya. BUT, yes it was such a memorable one. This year I am very messy struggling with work and to balance it with my study. Of course I spent more time for work, obviously. Hehe
I am very lucky because my lecturer said we can submit all of the assignments before Raya. Yes, before raya means before takbir raya for me. Hahaks.. Raya falls on Wednesday. I start to work on my assignment on Sunday. Before this I tried my best to read some journals but, end up I found the journal under my pillow (erk..)
Then, I really struggle a day before the deadline. Drank a can of Nescafe, and stay awake. Yoshh!! I really stay awake until I click the magic "Submit" button. I supposed to iron my Baju Raya, but my heart beat too fast. Then I decide to sleep for a while. I dozed off for 1 hour and start to rush for Raya. My eyes looks swollen and red. Quickly touch up using concealer.…