Friday, 8 July 2016

Syawal 2016

Selamat Hari Raya!

Raya 2016 is considered as not bad for me. At least I manage to reach home like 4 days before Raya. BUT, yes it was such a memorable one. This year I am very messy struggling with work and to balance it with my study. Of course I spent more time for work, obviously. Hehe

I am very lucky because my lecturer said we can submit all of the assignments before Raya. Yes, before raya means before takbir raya for me. Hahaks.. Raya falls on Wednesday. I start to work on my assignment on Sunday. Before this I tried my best to read some journals but, end up I found the journal under my pillow (erk..)

Then, I really struggle a day before the deadline. Drank a can of Nescafe, and stay awake. Yoshh!! I really stay awake until I click the magic "Submit" button. I supposed to iron my Baju Raya, but my heart beat too fast. Then I decide to sleep for a while. I dozed off for 1 hour and start to rush for Raya. My eyes looks swollen and red. Quickly touch up using concealer. Oh ya, I learnt on how to use concealer from my classmate. Plus, I put on eyeliner to cover my sleepy eyes. Whoa then I realize how useful this makeup tools to me. Should have use it long time ago!

I hardly take selfie. This is my picture around 2pm+. Yes, I slept for 1 hour that day. My left eye was itchy due to allergies - maybe because of dust. Not used to dust since I use my air purifier (Poyo gila!). Well, I hate to pun on make up, but end up I need them to cover up so that my relatives will think that I am doing fine and not struggling like hell. Haha.

Then my classmate was so excited. Like an animals that just escape and run really fast from zoo (over sikit). No, in fact I am excited too. School break + public holiday + Raya. Yeehaa!!

To be honest, I am scared of brain aneurysm. I've read few news that students, worker, died because of did not get enough sleep, depend on coffee to stay awake. Oh no.. I am scared. I hope that I can enjoy a bit more, before Monday. Definitely Monday blues punya next week. All the best to me.

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