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Legoland Malaysia

I just came back from Legoland Malaysia. So, I would like to share few pictures, as a reference to anyone (maybe got someone plan to go to Legoland for the future. Who knows? coz normally i will google first before travel to anywhere).
Ok, here we go!
Entrance: 8.30 AM (Better come as early as you can. You can enjoy and play more games before noon. Noon is quite crowded as you need to queue for at least 15mins for each game.
Entrance fee: MYR140
Preparation: - better bring umbrella as it is quite hot - drinks inside the bag (a bottle of coke- 500mL costs MYR5. walao... so expensive). - and, extra clothing for those who are so call "cerewet".. Hehe
I hope few pictures below can give you a little bit of imagination for Legoland Malaysia.

Miniature of Putrajaya - all made by lego
You can see RapidKL bus there! hehe.. so cute
Lego can float on the water

KLCC miniature ( actually, klcc with suria klcc)
klia airport

boat driving school

Actually, i want to share a lot more picture…

Genting highland trip

I am just came back from Genting Highland. Few pictures to share. Overall, i enjoy the scenery & environment as i really love cold place (the snowhouse is -7ÂșC). Maybe will come again next year =).
Space shot. Scary~!
Very natural

Freeze show

Good Food: Siam Coffee & Dining @ Subang Parade

For those who deeply in love with Thai-Siam food. Please try this!
Siam Coffee & Dining, Subang Parade.
Food: Awesome, taste different, and most important, tomyam: very kawwww... Haha You can request any fish and cook with the style that you like. Ex: steam, lemon-lime, masak apa2 syle pon boleh. So far, this is the best restaurant in the shopping complex that can offer this kind of taste. Perghhh~!
Butter prawn: Very good texture, and not oily
Tomyam-very kawww

Thanks for everything

Jumaat lepas, kami bertiga pegi Cameron. Idea nak pegi Cameron tu datang masa dekat Kuching lagi. Kadang2 rasa stress sebab penat sangat keje, rasa nak release tension sikit. Weekend pon keje, kadang2 memang tak elok.
Boleh kata, 80% yg pegi Cameron, yg duduk dekat Casa Dela Rosa tu ialah pasangan honeymoon. Hehe.. Kami je yg kawan-kawan pegi bercuti.
Sempena birthday ke-25 ni, tahun ni la paling lain, dan sangat2 berbeza, esp masa 20 Sept tu..
Tabiat yg normal, kalau birthday je, masa zaman student, ofcos akan bergayut sampai tak ingat ape lagi dah. Dunia nak terbalik pon tak sedar. Bila fikir balik, itu semua adalah agak membazir masa, dan jugak tenaga, dan banyak lagi. wowww~! macam tak caye aku cakap camni.
Terima kasih kepada semua yg wish birthday =). Rasanye, checklist orang2 yg wajib wish semua dah wish birthday kite!! HAHA..
Waktu bithday tu, pulun betul keje, sampai pukul 6pm lebih pon ade kat office lagi. Hmm..  Tapi, paling best, rakan-rakan best, lagi sporting (Tun &…

First time using credit card? Please read this!

Previously, I posted an entry regarding credit card application kan.. So, this info might be informative for those who just receive the credit card. But, this time, I would like to focus for Malaysian credit card user only.
I just receive credit card. Mine is from Maybank-Petronas.
Ok, it doesn't matter which credit card that you receive. But, few weeks after I receive my credit card, I receive a phone call from someone..
Below are the summary of the conversation:
"Miss xx: "Hello miss, I am from xxx. I would like to verify. Have you receive your credit card from Maybank?
Me: Yes. Just receive few weeks ago.
Miss xx: We would like to verify. When is you expired date of your card?
Me: erm...
Miss xx: What is your first four number in your credit card?
Well, friends, please don't entertain this type of phone calls. They try to cheat on you. I don't know where they got our details, as a new user of the credit card.
After they fail to get some info from me, last wee…

Zoo negara adalah hebat!!

Hi dear~! Last week I went to Zoo Negara, located in Ulu Klang. For your info, this is my first time in my whole life, going to Zoo Negara. What a shame! Now I am 25years old la..
But, I went to Zoo Taiping and Zoo Melaka before.

I love animals. It is always fun to learn about their characteristics. Just like explaining science.
Why animals do this and that?

I have a lot of picture to share. Since I don't have so much time, I want to share 2 pics first.

The picture above is Tapir. I know that the color look like panda (black and white), but the color distribution is different. I heard someone scream it's PANDAAAA!! from behind.. opssss~! 

Every time I go to the zoo, this is the 1st animal that I look for. The 2nd one is Mr Tiger =).

Will share some interesting picture after this.

Have a blast day everyone =)

I am proud of them. Congrats!!

You know whom I am talking about. I am so proud of all of the Malaysian athletes in Olympic games 2012. I am so emo when I talk about sports, especially the sports that Malaysian athletes took part.

Pandalela is so awesome. She is 19 years old, and won the bronze medal in Olympic games. Hey, what I did to Malaysia when I was 19 years old? I am just nobody, but she already carry Malaysian flag in Olympic 2012. So great.
Lee Chong Wei, won silver medal for badminton, single..
He is the hero for everybody. I feel that I wanna cry, each time I saw this picture. If I am in his shoes, I don't know what should I do. He is the hope for Malaysia. Carry the heavy responsibility, yet he is so strong and positive.
If we have 10 people who have a good character like Chong Wei, who have a strong will, they can success! The sports man inspire me a lot.
Dear Chong Wei, you did a good job =).
I hope that I can be as strong as you chong wei =)

Berbuka puasa @ starbuck

Break fast menu
Ni first time berbuka dekat starbuck. Tu pon sebab dapat voucher buy one free one. Konon-konon nak tuka style.

Tapi, memang betul la. Setiap branch rasa dia tak sama. Sangat-sangat berharap yang starbuck dekat malaysia ni macam singapore. Setiap branch ada signature dish sendiri. Sangat best!

Disebabkan kite ni memang suka makan makanan yang agak high carbohydrate, protein, dan segala-gala, dalam kuantiti yang banyak, so, bila ada setakat donut, bun, dan cake tu macam x berkenan dan tak seronok, dan tak puas. Haha

Ni kalau bos tau ni, confirm die kutok! Sebab die cakap, orang malaysia ni, pagi-pagi dah makan nasik, petang, malam, makan nasik. Atau kesimpulannya, setiap masa makan nasi. Haha.. Well, that's my life! Sebab tu la ramai orang ada diabetis..

Btw, cake yang kita makan ni rasa so-so saje.. Takde apa yang special walaupun seharian lapar berpuasa.. Yang mahal tak semestinya bagus kannnn
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Dealing with pain killer

I am on sick leave today. It is due to Dysmenorrhea, but this time it is severe for me, because I have a bad symptoms before, and after having period.

I am too much dependant on pain killers. I took pain killers for menstrual pain, and my bone pain too. I realize that it is not a good habit. But, without having it, I can't work, and acting as normal.

Dr Jane advised me to do Ultrasound scanning if it is happening again next month. I almost crying last night. I can't sleep at all, keep on turning around, and everywhere seems painful.

Yesterday my abdomen started cramping. I keep on walking, because if I sit still, it is even more painful. The day before yesterday, I feel that my body is so weak. My face look pale, and I look tired and stress..

It is not easy to be ME. Haha. Have to deal with period pain every month. I think that I want to do Ultrasound scanning. Afraid that it might be something inside. And, it is not easy to be me because my collegues, most of them are men. I …

The third medical checkup in a year.

Congratz! This is my 3rd medical checkup in a year. Haha. I am so healthy what.. But, frankly speaking, my weight is reducing by 2kg. And, I'm getting taller by 1cm.

Am I underweight? Hmmm.. I should work on it! But, my blood pressure is seriously low. They measure it twice, and it is constant..

My pulse shows that I'm lack of fitness! Hehe. I'm so lazy lately.

I need a healthy lifestyle~
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Mencabar sungguh bulan puasa tahun ini

2nd Ramadhan, berbuka di atas awan. Esoknye pulak kena attend training. Otak hampis hangus rentung. Lama tak masuk lecture lama-lama, rasa macam menjadi student yang paling stupid di abad ini. Sudah la dikelilingi clinical manager. I am just a chicken there! Damn sad kan?
Kalau namanye conference, training, of course ada makan-makan. Kadang-kadang rase syukur jugak. Sebab dekat tempat orang ni, halal ke tak makanan itu, sangat diragui. Hehe. Dan, mereka makan pizza. owh wowww... Tapi, rase macam dah biasa pulak tengok makanan. Rasa tak heran pon. Hehe
Sebab kite je puasa, so macam-macam soalan depa tanya:
1. Eh, fasting month start already meh?? Me: Yes. Today is my third day of fasting.
2. I taught that a girl no need to fast. Only guys are fasting right? Me: No. All muslim are suppose to fast. But, under certain situation like having menstrual, after deliver, and etc, bla, bla, bla...
3. I heard that they will put you in jail if you are not fasting in Malaysia.. But, here you can e…

Berbuka puasa di awan bersama firefly

Bulan puasa tahun ni agak menarik. Sebab kena pegi training. Dan, lagi menarik bila kita sorang je muslim. Kawan-kawan semua Singaporean, philipino, nigerean, ops, dan juga indian.. Ada jugak antara mereka yang tak tau pon apa itu berpuasa.. Hehe..
Ok, disebabkan book tiket flight last minit sebab nak dpat confirmation tu memang lambat, so, hambik kauuu, flight pukul 8pm dari SZB Subang, by Firefly.. Nasib baik la SZB tu dekat je dengan rumah. Ni first time naik Firefly pegi Singapore.
Waktu berbuka untuk semalam ialah 7.31pm.. masa tu, kite da nak sampai time nak kena beratur masuk perut kapal.. Erm. Ada jugak rase nak beli coffee kat kedai sebelah tu, tapi, da kena panggil. Air pon takde sebab air takleh bawak masuk dalam perut kapal. Dalam luggage je boleh. So, bersedih la ni kononnye.. Hehe..
Bila dah dapat seat je, terus peramugari tu tanye, da buka puasa ke belum? Saje je buat muka innocent, cakap belum. Hihi.. Die pon terus bagi tart blueberry dengan orange juice. Nice!! Terus…

Credit card. Yang mana bagus? Hmm

Sejak baru berhijrah ke tempat baru ni, banyak benda baru kena belajar. Salah satunye, kena ada credit card! Kalau nak tau, satu prinsip hidup telah tercalar sebab kite kalau boleh taknak ada credit card =(. Sebab kita guna debit card je. Sebab kita kan budak-budak lagi. Takot tak pandai manage duit sendiri.

Disebabkan kite selalu kena travel, dinasihatkan kena ada CC ni sebab kita bayar dulu, claim later. Euww..akan menyebabkan kita punye poket parah walaupun flight dan hotel ditanggung beres.

Sebenarnya, kite dah pon apply CC maybank al-ikhwan. Tapi, application tu kena reject walaupun layak sebab kite dah 3 minggu gagal memberikan document yg diperlukan. Haha. Setiap kali dia call, kite mesti out station. Bila la nak bagi document kat die. Hmm..

Ok la, fine! Kite agak berminat dengan citibank CC. Sebab ada banyak option, contohnye CC shell, Giant, AirAsia, dan banyak lagi benefit. Lagi satu, kepada yg kaki rayap dekat sunway pyramid, kalau ada citibank mmg syok la ye. Kebanyakan ke…

Bye Sarawak

Tomorrow is my last day in Sarawak. Honestly, I don't have time to look around the place.. Maybe next time?? I hope so..
Well, I will miss Sarawak a lot. Bye~
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My first visit to Kuching, Sarawak

Well, this is my first visit to Kuching, Sarawak. Supposely my flight by Air Asia should be departed from KL at 2100. But, delayed one hour, so I am officially arrived in Sarawak at about 2345. Exactly before midnight. Luckily Sarawak is quite safe at night =).
Since most of the hotel was fully booked already, I stay in Abell Hotel (so confuse, don't know how to pronounce..HAHA). I prefer single room since I am staying alone, and most of my time I spend outside (also because don't want to waste so much money from company. I am a good worker okay)
I forgot to snap some picture of my room. Since now, I have dirty up my room, now very shy to upload the photo. Kakakaa...But, it is a good hotel. Good service for me. I think that the hotel is still new (based on the toilet's design..hihi)
A lot of flowers in this hotel..hehehe...
somemore flower at the corner
Since I don't have so much time to travel around, I manage to capture some pictures. For me, this is my first time r…

My first flight for 2012

Yeay! My first flight for 2012 =).. Actually, it is just a short distance. From Kuala Lumpur to Singapore. I took Air Asia this time, depart from LCCT to Changi airport. My flight depart at 0725 so, I should check-in around 3 hours before boarding. Walao~Singapore only maa.. 
So, I woke up at 0430am.. So, I missed one football match that day. I took cab from Subang to LCCT around 5am something. Just imagine, they charge me RM98 because it is consider as midnight. Damn expensive laaaa... Started from that moment, i don't want to book any flight early morning. Never!!
And, alhamdulillah, the I arrived safely that day. It was my first time in Changi Airport (kampung kan saya?). Usually, each time I go to Singapore, I will go by car or bus (my hometown is JB, very near).
What can I say about Changi Airport? Erm, compared to KLIA, it is way tooo far... Especially the TOILET. The toilet is so clean.. BUT, no pipe or source of water in the toilet except at the sink. Haha. Well, I am not…

kawan-kawan yang comel

Tiba-tiba rasa macam kawan-kawan kite ni comel. Hehe. Nak kate birthday pon bukan, banyak pulak gift =).

Mungkin sebab diorang tengok kereta comel putih tu takde ape-ape kot. Bantal pon dah takde dalam kete. So, mereka berbesar hati bagi benda-benda yang muat untuk letak dalam kereta =). Comel~
Thanks =)
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rasa lebih selamat dengan tinted =)

Lepas da bape bulan, baru nak pasang tinted. Hee.. Selama ni, rasa macam panas sangat. Patut la hitam legam *bajet putih*. Rase menyesal pulak pasang tinted lambat. Sekarang baru rasa selesa. Tapiiiiii.... takleh bukak tingkap selama seminggu. Ouchie, ouchie..... =(
Tapi, kalau perempuan terutamanya, kalau drive malam-malam nie. Haihhh.. baik pasang tinted. Kalau tak, takot kena kejar la, dan ade jugak yg jahat nak pecah tingkap nak curik handbag.
Sekarang dah tak takut panas. Alhamdulillah =)).
Tiba-tiba rasa macam dah matured bila pegi kedai tinted sendiri, baya sendiri *kupon free kot*, tunggu sampai 3 jam. Lama sangat tunggu sampai sempat shopping ikan guppy 16 ekor, dan tertinggal ikan tu kat kedai bila lagi 2 km nak sampai rumah. Pastu patah balik ambik ikan... ahahahaha. Clumsy!
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What are our SPM top scorers doing right now?

This is a good article, especially for SPM or form 6 leavers. As for my batch SPM (2004), the top scorer that time was Nur Amalina Che Bakri. Now, she still studying in the medical school. I guess a lot of my friends, just started to build career, and some of them work hard to get the Master Degree or PhD.
Actually Malaysia have a lot of talent. It is proven that our student can be the best student when they go and study abroad.
But, having a straight A's in SPM or STPM does not mean that you can success in your career. SPM is just a ticket for the next level, college or university. But, I agree that SPM do helps me a lot to find a great job. but, it depends. Nowadays they don't simply depend on your results. They also check the personality, character, and the involvement in community. Without the criteria, well, it is hard to say..
But, based on the article, I am impress with Miss Wan Nadiah Wan Mohd. A graduate from Harvard. Also, got Msc in public Health Nutrition. Now, sh…

Beli kereta secara online?

Beli kereta. Dulu, aku cakap kereta ni tak wajib ada, tapi mungkin dia keperluan bila dah sampai masa nanti. Memandangkan rase tak selamat nak bawak motor, maka, 'ter'beli kereta pulak..
Nak kongsi pengalaman disini, sebab dulu, saya beli kereta secara ONLINE.. haaaa..seram tak? Alkisah saya berasa amat terdesak nak pakai kereta sebab da tak tahan nak balik kerja, nak kena tunggu bas yang tak on-time dan teksi yg cekik darah tak pakai meter.
Sebelum tu, ada beberapa perkara yg kita perlu ambik kira sebelum belik kereta online nie..
1. Budget monthly 2. Interest berapa percent bagi yang tak mampu beli cash. 3.fuel consumption 4. loan bank berapa banyak 5. downpayment 6. free gift dari agent kereta.
Adalah menjadi kegilaan setiap orang nak beli kereta bila hujung tahun. Sebab? Kebanyakan kedai kereta akan promo rebate sebab nak abiskan stok. Tapi, setiap rebate tu berantung kepada jenis kereta sebenarnya. 
Dulu, pantang nampak fliers dekat shopping complex pasal kereta, ofcos a…

I love Food : Simply Penang

I love food! 
Out of a lot of kopitiam around the shopping complex, I prefer Simply Penang. Seriously, it is a good restaurant. Normally, I go to Simply Penang in Sunway Pyramid. 
Location: Just above the Ice-skating floor, in front of the lift
Seriously, I like the Tomyam, with the noodle inside. The Tomyam taste really good. Soooo kawww one =). And, for drinks I really like Barli. Not so sweet, just nice, and fresh.
As for today, I order: Lemon tea
Nasi Lemak
The lemon tea is just ok.. And the for Nasi Lemak is just so-so.. So, conclusion, my favourite is still Tomyam with noodle.. hehe

Air Keroh Country Resort

I love to write a review of the hotel, chalet, or homestay that I went before so that people can review and choose the suitable hotel for their trip (because I did the same thing. Read from the blogs, check the comment and review, then I proceed with the booking!)
For Melaka, there have a lot of Hotel, and Resort that you might choose. Depend on the budget. For the low budget people like ME, I prefer the hotel located in Air Keroh because it is much cheaper compared to Bandar Melaka. *Take note that Melaka is a small state. Even from Air Keroh to Bandar Melaka, it takes less than 20mins by car*. So, it is worth if I choose to stay in Air Keroh instead of Melaka City rite?
Also, the attraction or the POI place that people normally visit located very nearby with Air Keroh such as Zoo, Crocodile sanctuary, Butterfly, and whatsoever.. Plus, if anybody want to visit A Famosa, it takes about 20mins to reach there. 
So, I chose Air Keroh Country Resort. Seriously, it is 'country'. H…