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Customize cake order

I am one of her fan. She is the finalist of masterchef malaysia 2. Nora Basik!! clap2x =) Thinking of a great idea to celebrate my sister birthday, I come across to search in google, the best cake flavour. But, I dont found anything which is rare. Disappointed. I dont like cake so much because most cakes are all the same. Either cream, chocolate, fruit, sponge cake, pavlova, cupcakes, and the flavour, the most common one is chocolate, tiramisu, and other coffee flavour. So boring!!
So, Nora Basik offer a package, that you can order anything, and she will do it. Nice!! At first, I need cake with citrus flavour. Why all cakes are sweet? Why we dont have sour cake?
And, after few discussion, she offer me, chocolate cake, with lemon cream cheese (this one is nice!!), with limau bali and pomegranate as a topping. This one is seriously Malaysian style! haha. So, no more kiwi, cherry, strawberry and etc which i like it so much. 
tq nora =)

This is crazy.haha

I am one of her biggest fan! I know that this is one of my crazy idea. Well, i am dying to try her cooking or baking for real. I wish that she will deliver the cake to my house! =)))

Good Food: Pavlova and Calamari

As usual, wanna share some great food. I just came back from Delicious, Sunway Pyramid (again.. haha)
This time I tried Pavlova and Calamari.
I taught that Pavlova is very sweet. So, I am so scared to try. Ok, below is my comment.
Pavlova Chocolate
Actually, Pavlova is a piece of dessert, that contain cream inside, and covered by Meringue. This one, the Meringue is chocolate flavor. I guess normally the Meringue is in white color. The cream is not sweet. So, it is balance. Meringue (sweet a bit), cream (not sweet). So, the combination is good. 
Fried Calamari
For this one, it is a bit frustrated. It is too oily for me. And, it is too brittle. The flour is not stick well with the Calamari. But, I like the sauce.
Finally, weekend is almost over. I am quite sad as weekend is the time where I can try good food and enjoy it. Nevermind, see you next week!

Good Food: Delicious, Sunway Pyramid

I love food. But, lately I can't stop myself from going to Delicious. In KL, they have few branches and one of it is in Sunway Pyramid, and MidValley.
Why I like?
Taste different, and lots of cheese. I love cheese. The dessert are all awesome.
Yesterday I order below's food. Taste good. It is recommended in the menu. Just call it as a thick pizza. It contains beef, dried tomatoes, onion, dough, egg. I like it, but I have problem with the onion. I don't eat onion. Haha. The salad taste good and fresh.

And, last time I tried red velvet. On top, it is macaroon. Macaroon is too sweet for me. I just manage to eat one macaroon only.

Good Food: kueh teow

I admit, in kl and selangor area, no one can beat madam kwan's kueh teow. really love it. but, the picture that i put here is not madam kwan's kueh teow. it is from penang nyonya in subang parade. taste so-so as i don't taste any special effect from it.