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My version of porridge

Its Weekend =))) yeeeehaaaaa!! I feel so tired yesterday and I slept about 10 hours last night. Wakeup fresh, early in the morning, and I cook porridge for my breakfast.
And, after 2 hours, I feel hungry again.. This is the starting point where I feel regret eating porridge. Haha..

The apprentice Asia: Whoaaa

I am the no.1 fan for The Apprentice, watching and also learning something from Donald Trump. He is awesome. For Asia version, I guess that Tony Fernandes is way too strict compared to Donald Trump. But, i like his style =)
The candidates look pretty awesome. Some works for many years in marketing, and sales field. Some owns company with countless branches all over the country. They are awesome people.
I am wondering where to put myself after watching them.
From the 1st episode, i can conclude that, tho most of them have wide experience in business, somehow, we should ensure that we have a good basic.
As I am still learning about business, strategy is important.
Reflect back to myself, I am doing marketing. Almost everyday, I check my pricing, do analysis, do survey, market research, sometimes, i dont know what I am doing everyday by looking a lot of calculation and numbers. I am not sure either I am doing it correctly, and does my work contribute something good to company? Jeng, jen…

eLife: Dont be stupid. They just need money.

Sape yang pernah try eLife ni, ade hajat rasa nak berbisnes, nak kaye cepat? Baik try benda lain. Stop jela One Community eLife ni a.k.a dont be stupid.
Product ni (mesin terapi ion) tak pernah bersalah. Tapi, orang yang run business ni dengan cara MLM, desak orang sampai sanggup berhutang, tipu kawan, buat personal loan bagai, itu ialah cara yang salah.
Ada la kurang dari 10 orang ex-student satu universiti dulu masuk eLife ni. Camane diorang boleh join pon aku tak tau. Tapi leader diorang tu, keje kat HKL, tapi bukan doctor, pegawai dalam bidang kesihatan. Dulu, orang panggil die dgn nickname die je, skarang ni, da jadi orang besa la katekan, kena panggil "Encik" walaupon sebaya. Pecaye? haizz
Sebab konon2 die bagos sangat, ramai la budak Uni aku ni, esp yang tak dapat keje lagi, yg dah keje tapi nak lompat keje, masuk benda ni.
Salah ke diorang nak bisnes? Memang tak salah nak bisnes. Tapi, takyah la sampai tipu orang, buat orang sakit hati, kena pinjam duit ribu2, buat …