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What are our SPM top scorers doing right now?

This is a good article, especially for SPM or form 6 leavers. As for my batch SPM (2004), the top scorer that time was Nur Amalina Che Bakri. Now, she still studying in the medical school. I guess a lot of my friends, just started to build career, and some of them work hard to get the Master Degree or PhD.
Actually Malaysia have a lot of talent. It is proven that our student can be the best student when they go and study abroad.
But, having a straight A's in SPM or STPM does not mean that you can success in your career. SPM is just a ticket for the next level, college or university. But, I agree that SPM do helps me a lot to find a great job. but, it depends. Nowadays they don't simply depend on your results. They also check the personality, character, and the involvement in community. Without the criteria, well, it is hard to say..
But, based on the article, I am impress with Miss Wan Nadiah Wan Mohd. A graduate from Harvard. Also, got Msc in public Health Nutrition. Now, sh…

Beli kereta secara online?

Beli kereta. Dulu, aku cakap kereta ni tak wajib ada, tapi mungkin dia keperluan bila dah sampai masa nanti. Memandangkan rase tak selamat nak bawak motor, maka, 'ter'beli kereta pulak..
Nak kongsi pengalaman disini, sebab dulu, saya beli kereta secara ONLINE.. haaaa..seram tak? Alkisah saya berasa amat terdesak nak pakai kereta sebab da tak tahan nak balik kerja, nak kena tunggu bas yang tak on-time dan teksi yg cekik darah tak pakai meter.
Sebelum tu, ada beberapa perkara yg kita perlu ambik kira sebelum belik kereta online nie..
1. Budget monthly 2. Interest berapa percent bagi yang tak mampu beli cash. 3.fuel consumption 4. loan bank berapa banyak 5. downpayment 6. free gift dari agent kereta.
Adalah menjadi kegilaan setiap orang nak beli kereta bila hujung tahun. Sebab? Kebanyakan kedai kereta akan promo rebate sebab nak abiskan stok. Tapi, setiap rebate tu berantung kepada jenis kereta sebenarnya. 
Dulu, pantang nampak fliers dekat shopping complex pasal kereta, ofcos a…

I love Food : Simply Penang

I love food! 
Out of a lot of kopitiam around the shopping complex, I prefer Simply Penang. Seriously, it is a good restaurant. Normally, I go to Simply Penang in Sunway Pyramid. 
Location: Just above the Ice-skating floor, in front of the lift
Seriously, I like the Tomyam, with the noodle inside. The Tomyam taste really good. Soooo kawww one =). And, for drinks I really like Barli. Not so sweet, just nice, and fresh.
As for today, I order: Lemon tea
Nasi Lemak
The lemon tea is just ok.. And the for Nasi Lemak is just so-so.. So, conclusion, my favourite is still Tomyam with noodle.. hehe

Air Keroh Country Resort

I love to write a review of the hotel, chalet, or homestay that I went before so that people can review and choose the suitable hotel for their trip (because I did the same thing. Read from the blogs, check the comment and review, then I proceed with the booking!)
For Melaka, there have a lot of Hotel, and Resort that you might choose. Depend on the budget. For the low budget people like ME, I prefer the hotel located in Air Keroh because it is much cheaper compared to Bandar Melaka. *Take note that Melaka is a small state. Even from Air Keroh to Bandar Melaka, it takes less than 20mins by car*. So, it is worth if I choose to stay in Air Keroh instead of Melaka City rite?
Also, the attraction or the POI place that people normally visit located very nearby with Air Keroh such as Zoo, Crocodile sanctuary, Butterfly, and whatsoever.. Plus, if anybody want to visit A Famosa, it takes about 20mins to reach there. 
So, I chose Air Keroh Country Resort. Seriously, it is 'country'. H…