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I miss you! Zoo Negara, Malaysia

This is my second visit to Zoo Negara. Actually, this photo is taken last Sept 2013.. Watching animals is so much fun.
Oh dear, you are so cute..

This is my territory..
See, even some animals also kepochi.. Watching their neighbor all the time.  And this three cute lion enjoy playing with water..
And, introducing.. our new neighbor, just on board that time. He look nervous, yet very cute.
Endangered species 
This is Hyena.. You will know him, if you watch "Lion King".
My all time favorite animal.. Mr Giraffe!!
And, this is me, in front of Zoo Negara Entrance..

Good Food: Selasih Restaurant, Subang Parade

I love food. And, i found one more restaurant, which can offer a variety of local Malaysian Malay food, and taste good. Here it is, Selasih - Located at the LG floor, in Subang Parade.
It is a bit expensive, but worth it. At least it is cheaper than secret receipe.. So, not bad right?
I ate this yesterday, Nasi Kukus Kelantan
Soto - Thumbs up! =)