Monday, 20 June 2016

Fasting month version 2016

This year my fasting month is very simple.
I am allowed to go home at 4pm which is super nice!!
For almost 5 years I've been working in Klang Valley, this is my 2nd time I bought something from Bazar Ramadhan. Imagine how cool I am ;)

Normally either me or my sister will cook at home. Last year was slightly better as I can still cook alternately. But, this year is just crazy. I can count how many time I cook at home (omg).

Well, I am getting thinner.
Here you go, I want to share on how you can really reduce weight during fasting month.

1. For early breakfast, I will eat whatever things that I have like drinking plain water, or biscuits.
2. In the day, I am working like normal days. Very busy, and hardly to sit in my desk.
3. Hardly go home at 4pm even we are allowed to.
4. Hadap traffic jam
5. Reach home nearly 7pm and thinking what to eat for buka puasa.
6. End up cooking something like frozen food (curry puff, nugget, burger), or anything fast like tomyam, fried rice.
7. I drink plain water, and no tea or coffee like usual days. It is a bit acidic and make my body even more dehydrated. So, I avoid it for Ramadhan.
8. Eat slowly while watching TV. 
9. I only eat 2 pcs of curry puff and it feels like eating the full rice. wow. The magic of ramadhan ;)
10. I cannot eat too heavy because I feel so tired and sleepy. You know like suddenly your body need to do extra work like marathon, while during the day your body is so relax.

With the lifestyle as per above, I manage to save lots of money. Haha
We did shop few stuff like vege, meat, and fish too.
After 15th day of fasting, our fridge is still full. God bless us! ;)

I need to get the weighing scale.
My face seems smaller than before. Then my watch can turn 360 degree - not a good signal.
Selamat berpuasa and keep fighting!