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I am proud of them. Congrats!!

You know whom I am talking about. I am so proud of all of the Malaysian athletes in Olympic games 2012. I am so emo when I talk about sports, especially the sports that Malaysian athletes took part.

Pandalela is so awesome. She is 19 years old, and won the bronze medal in Olympic games. Hey, what I did to Malaysia when I was 19 years old? I am just nobody, but she already carry Malaysian flag in Olympic 2012. So great.
Lee Chong Wei, won silver medal for badminton, single..
He is the hero for everybody. I feel that I wanna cry, each time I saw this picture. If I am in his shoes, I don't know what should I do. He is the hope for Malaysia. Carry the heavy responsibility, yet he is so strong and positive.
If we have 10 people who have a good character like Chong Wei, who have a strong will, they can success! The sports man inspire me a lot.
Dear Chong Wei, you did a good job =).
I hope that I can be as strong as you chong wei =)

Berbuka puasa @ starbuck

Break fast menu
Ni first time berbuka dekat starbuck. Tu pon sebab dapat voucher buy one free one. Konon-konon nak tuka style.

Tapi, memang betul la. Setiap branch rasa dia tak sama. Sangat-sangat berharap yang starbuck dekat malaysia ni macam singapore. Setiap branch ada signature dish sendiri. Sangat best!

Disebabkan kite ni memang suka makan makanan yang agak high carbohydrate, protein, dan segala-gala, dalam kuantiti yang banyak, so, bila ada setakat donut, bun, dan cake tu macam x berkenan dan tak seronok, dan tak puas. Haha

Ni kalau bos tau ni, confirm die kutok! Sebab die cakap, orang malaysia ni, pagi-pagi dah makan nasik, petang, malam, makan nasik. Atau kesimpulannya, setiap masa makan nasi. Haha.. Well, that's my life! Sebab tu la ramai orang ada diabetis..

Btw, cake yang kita makan ni rasa so-so saje.. Takde apa yang special walaupun seharian lapar berpuasa.. Yang mahal tak semestinya bagus kannnn
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Dealing with pain killer

I am on sick leave today. It is due to Dysmenorrhea, but this time it is severe for me, because I have a bad symptoms before, and after having period.

I am too much dependant on pain killers. I took pain killers for menstrual pain, and my bone pain too. I realize that it is not a good habit. But, without having it, I can't work, and acting as normal.

Dr Jane advised me to do Ultrasound scanning if it is happening again next month. I almost crying last night. I can't sleep at all, keep on turning around, and everywhere seems painful.

Yesterday my abdomen started cramping. I keep on walking, because if I sit still, it is even more painful. The day before yesterday, I feel that my body is so weak. My face look pale, and I look tired and stress..

It is not easy to be ME. Haha. Have to deal with period pain every month. I think that I want to do Ultrasound scanning. Afraid that it might be something inside. And, it is not easy to be me because my collegues, most of them are men. I …

The third medical checkup in a year.

Congratz! This is my 3rd medical checkup in a year. Haha. I am so healthy what.. But, frankly speaking, my weight is reducing by 2kg. And, I'm getting taller by 1cm.

Am I underweight? Hmmm.. I should work on it! But, my blood pressure is seriously low. They measure it twice, and it is constant..

My pulse shows that I'm lack of fitness! Hehe. I'm so lazy lately.

I need a healthy lifestyle~
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