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Syawal 2016

Selamat Hari Raya!

Raya 2016 is considered as not bad for me. At least I manage to reach home like 4 days before Raya. BUT, yes it was such a memorable one. This year I am very messy struggling with work and to balance it with my study. Of course I spent more time for work, obviously. Hehe
I am very lucky because my lecturer said we can submit all of the assignments before Raya. Yes, before raya means before takbir raya for me. Hahaks.. Raya falls on Wednesday. I start to work on my assignment on Sunday. Before this I tried my best to read some journals but, end up I found the journal under my pillow (erk..)
Then, I really struggle a day before the deadline. Drank a can of Nescafe, and stay awake. Yoshh!! I really stay awake until I click the magic "Submit" button. I supposed to iron my Baju Raya, but my heart beat too fast. Then I decide to sleep for a while. I dozed off for 1 hour and start to rush for Raya. My eyes looks swollen and red. Quickly touch up using concealer.…

Fasting month version 2016

This year my fasting month is very simple. I am allowed to go home at 4pm which is super nice!! For almost 5 years I've been working in Klang Valley, this is my 2nd time I bought something from Bazar Ramadhan. Imagine how cool I am ;)
Normally either me or my sister will cook at home. Last year was slightly better as I can still cook alternately. But, this year is just crazy. I can count how many time I cook at home (omg).
Well, I am getting thinner. Here you go, I want to share on how you can really reduce weight during fasting month.
1. For early breakfast, I will eat whatever things that I have like drinking plain water, or biscuits. 2. In the day, I am working like normal days. Very busy, and hardly to sit in my desk. 3. Hardly go home at 4pm even we are allowed to. 4. Hadap traffic jam 5. Reach home nearly 7pm and thinking what to eat for buka puasa. 6. End up cooking something like frozen food (curry puff, nugget, burger), or anything fast like tomyam, fried rice. 7. I drin…

Club Med Cherating, Pahang

Disebabkan sekarang tengah cuti semester, so rajin lah jugak nak menulis.  Tujuan menulis ni bukan untuk show-off tau. Tapi lebih kepada nak share. Selalunye before pegi travel mane-mane pun akan check blog orang lain jugak. So, harap sangat ini dapat membantu ;)
Actually I pegi sini sebab team building. Before pegi, takde pulak buat research pasal tempat ni. Ramai yang cakap tempat ni best. Tapi, jarang pulak ada blog cerita pasal tempat ni. Curious kan?
Well, to be honest. Kalau melayu muslim Malaysia tu memang susah sangat-sangat nak jumpa kat sini. Kalau ada pun, diorang pun datang sebab team building atau company trip. Reason? Hehe..
Before tu, meh enjoy satu gambar

Ni lah gambar first yang i ambik bila sampai sana. The sky seems so clear kan? Well, sangat panas sebenarnya. Haha. Tak dinafikan tempat ni memang saaaaangatttt cantik! Dekat entrance once kau sampai je, guest officer die memang akan welcome kau dengan dahsyatnye sampai rasa naik segan. Kebanyakan yang keje kat sini …

5 reasons on Why I like Cameron Highland

If you ask me, what will be the best place to travel in Malaysia? Then my answer will be Cameron Highland. I've been to Cameron 3 times only. But each time when I feel a bit of stress, then I always consider to come to Cameron again. Just like that ;)
Here you go, my top reason on why I like Cameron so much:
1. It is colder than Klang Valley I like colder place, but not too cold. The perfect temperature for me is maybe from 10-23 degree celcius. Higher than that, I have tendency to become super hot blooded type. Well, at night Cameron's temperature is around 17-18 degree celcius i think. Depends on if it is raining season, and depends on where you stay. At night, it can be a little bit windy (I like it).

2. Natural It is all about enjoying natural view, and it make me feel calm. I tend to stay away from whatsapp naturally since Digi's network is quite bad there. Also, I can spend hours just to appreciate the view and start to think about myself. 

3. Actually, I love flowers and tr…

Sambung belajar atau kerja?

Tujuan i tulis kali ni dengan harapan dapat bantu orang yang masih lagi berfikir atau dalam dilema. Nak sambung belajar ke atau terus kerja.. Sama jugak macam kite yang dulu. Still blog walking untuk tau macamana hidup lepas sambung belajar dan kerja.

I cuma nak share. Dulu lepas spm i sambung matrik setahun dan terus grad dapat degree. Alhamdulillah perjalanan tu dipermudahkan tuhan. Dari segi bantuan keewangan pulak, masa degree tu dapat tajaan jpa. So takde concern nak langsaikan pinjaman ptptn. 
Lepas almost nak grad tu, ada apply nak sambung master terus. Siap pegi interview dekat UM, dan apply USM untuk course Msc. Family jenis tak kesah nak sambung belajar. Tapi kite cam segan nak tanya boleh tak nak pinjam duit untuk sambung master dekat parents. Hurmm..
Walaupun i rasa parents akan bagi pinjam kalau mintak, tapi i choose not to. Cukup lah sampai degree. Yg lain kena berdikari sendiri. Lepas grad i kerja jadi RA kat usm. Konon ada niat nak sambung master by research. Tapi rasa…