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Happy Labour Day: My first job

Happy Labour day everyone! 
Flashback in about 1.8 year before.. That time I am a fresh graduate, looking for job. Actually I want to continue my studies in Msc (Master of Science), I did applied and accepted. But, due to some money problem, I have decided to work, and keep some money so that I can further my studies later.
I agree that it was so hard to be accepted when you are just a fresh grad in a company. And, on the same date that I should register for my master degree, I start my first job. Guess what? I am a Research Assistant in Sport Science Unit, USM, School of Medical Science. 
With the salary, about RM1.5k, minus EPF, minus room fees, food and etc, I don't know why, it is enough! And, I can still enjoy my day by shopping, makan-makan, and many more. 
As an RA, I actually searching for journal for certain topic, that related to the project. I help the student for the blood sampling, collecting data, and at the same time, I should feed the RATS! Haha.. I was lucky beca…

Dental service,PPUM

Tooth ache. My 3rd molar is growing! I can't stand with it anymore, and I went to PPUM few days ago. I am glad, as a Malaysian citizen, I got the medical and dental service for free.
But, PPUM is semi-gov. So I pay RM5 for registration fee. The doctor check everything, and found out that my tooth is impacted. Sounds great! Then, I should take an x-ray. It is OPG view (you can see the whole teeth from right end to the left end, AP view).
And, they told me that I should undergo MOS (minor surgery). And, it cost me RM150. Wah, that's cheap! Compared to private clinic, they may charge you RM700 per tooth for impacted case. Haaa.. 
And for today, for the x-ray exam, checkup and everything, it is FREE!
Alhamdulillah =)
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unexpected Melaka trip

Last weekend I went to Melaka, the historical state in Malaysia. It is not the first time for me, because I did my matriculation there before,somewhere in Londang, Masjid Tanah. Somehow, I feel like I really like it, because Melaka have a lot of things to explore.
Actually it takes about 1.5hour from KL (164km). Because of we travel from Serdang, it takes about less than that, plus because sometimes I drive about 120km/hr because no jam in the highway.

The only remaining part of the ancient fortress of Malacca build by Alfonso D' Alboquerque and by him named (1511).
A Famosa

Taming Sari Tower

I am impressed with the strong construction. It is more than 500 years, yet still strong. How can the old technology can build these strong building?

I guess I will share some of interesting picture later, to promote Melaka, for tourist of course, and for Malaysian so that later they know where to go.

Adakah Taufik peminat Liverpool?

Adakah serius Taufik meminati Liverpool?

Harapnye Taufik bukan big fan kepada Man United. Pleaseeeeeeee ~!