Friday, 27 April 2012

Dental service,PPUM

Tooth ache. My 3rd molar is growing! I can't stand with it anymore, and I went to PPUM few days ago. I am glad, as a Malaysian citizen, I got the medical and dental service for free.

But, PPUM is semi-gov. So I pay RM5 for registration fee. The doctor check everything, and found out that my tooth is impacted. Sounds great! Then, I should take an x-ray. It is OPG view (you can see the whole teeth from right end to the left end, AP view).

And, they told me that I should undergo MOS (minor surgery). And, it cost me RM150. Wah, that's cheap! Compared to private clinic, they may charge you RM700 per tooth for impacted case. Haaa.. 

And for today, for the x-ray exam, checkup and everything, it is FREE!

Alhamdulillah =)

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