Thursday, 5 September 2013

Travel: Merayap due to water disruption - Sunway Lagoon Theme Park

Happy Merdeka Day Malaysia~!
I always proud to be Malaysian. Even I am hoping that my skin colour look like Korean (yikes! muntahhh).

As usual, water disruption again, for Subang Jaya area.. and, not only my place affected, but i think Selangor area and certain part of KL as well. Ok, then we (me and my officemate) decided to take a bath at Sunway Lagoon. Weehuuu..

No, actually the original plan was, we want to ride Vuvuzela..

this is how Vuvuzela look like. The orange and red creature.. Well, I am well known as "afraid of height".. I just want to ride this one. It was scary at first. It is still scary, but fun... We try this one 3 times...  i repeat, 3 times! haha..

The second attraction here is 5D movie.. but, i prefer 4D movie in LegoLand. Maybe because of the 3D effect of the movie is not really good. The plus point here compared to Legoland is just because the chair is shaking sync with the movie and water effect. Haha.. I dont understand why i scream like hell even i know it is just a movie. Strange... 

My friend is like very extream. they tried flying fox, jumping here and there, and i just like water very much. I enjoy swimming in the swimming pool, and it lasts for almost 6 hours there. Can you imagine? wahaha..Love it! 

And, the effect of swimming for long hours is...

Thanks sun!