Sunday, 23 September 2012

Thanks for everything

Jumaat lepas, kami bertiga pegi Cameron. Idea nak pegi Cameron tu datang masa dekat Kuching lagi. Kadang2 rasa stress sebab penat sangat keje, rasa nak release tension sikit. Weekend pon keje, kadang2 memang tak elok.

Boleh kata, 80% yg pegi Cameron, yg duduk dekat Casa Dela Rosa tu ialah pasangan honeymoon. Hehe..
Kami je yg kawan-kawan pegi bercuti.

Sempena birthday ke-25 ni, tahun ni la paling lain, dan sangat2 berbeza, esp masa 20 Sept tu..

Tabiat yg normal, kalau birthday je, masa zaman student, ofcos akan bergayut sampai tak ingat ape lagi dah. Dunia nak terbalik pon tak sedar. Bila fikir balik, itu semua adalah agak membazir masa, dan jugak tenaga, dan banyak lagi. wowww~! macam tak caye aku cakap camni.

Terima kasih kepada semua yg wish birthday =).
Rasanye, checklist orang2 yg wajib wish semua dah wish birthday kite!! HAHA..

Waktu bithday tu, pulun betul keje, sampai pukul 6pm lebih pon ade kat office lagi. Hmm.. 
Tapi, paling best, rakan-rakan best, lagi sporting (Tun & Salwa), siap amik cuti, nak bercuti sama-sama. 

Tuesday, 18 September 2012

First time using credit card? Please read this!

Previously, I posted an entry regarding credit card application kan.. So, this info might be informative for those who just receive the credit card. But, this time, I would like to focus for Malaysian credit card user only.

I just receive credit card. Mine is from Maybank-Petronas.

Ok, it doesn't matter which credit card that you receive. But, few weeks after I receive my credit card, I receive a phone call from someone..

Below are the summary of the conversation:

"Miss xx: "Hello miss, I am from xxx. I would like to verify. Have you receive your credit card from Maybank?

Me: Yes. Just receive few weeks ago.

Miss xx: We would like to verify. When is you expired date of your card?

Me: erm...

Miss xx: What is your first four number in your credit card?

Well, friends, please don't entertain this type of phone calls.
They try to cheat on you. I don't know where they got our details, as a new user of the credit card.

After they fail to get some info from me, last week while I was in Sarawak, they call me again. Lucky I recognize the voice, and I just ignore her, like before.

I try to call Maybank, and want to ask is it true Maybank staff will call for verification.

They said NO. Once you receive your credit card, no more verification via phone call.

Something stupid about this stupid company who try to cheat people is, they call me by using hp no. And, i try to scare them. I told them I can make a police report because they try to cheat on me, and seriously I want to file a police report. The next call, they call me by using private number.

I know the details of the company.

Be careful friends!

Sunday, 2 September 2012

Zoo negara adalah hebat!!

Hi dear~! Last week I went to Zoo Negara, located in Ulu Klang. For your info, this is my first time in my whole life, going to Zoo Negara. What a shame! Now I am 25years old la..

But, I went to Zoo Taiping and Zoo Melaka before.

I love animals. It is always fun to learn about their characteristics. Just like explaining science.
Why animals do this and that?

I have a lot of picture to share. Since I don't have so much time, I want to share 2 pics first.

The picture above is Tapir. I know that the color look like panda (black and white), but the color distribution is different. I heard someone scream it's PANDAAAA!! from behind.. opssss~! 

Every time I go to the zoo, this is the 1st animal that I look for. The 2nd one is Mr Tiger =).

Will share some interesting picture after this.

Have a blast day everyone =)