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Nice Food: Roti canai cheese @Upin Ipin, Shah Alam

I am super duper lazy to cook now. I am looking for good roti canai. So, finally I found it! hooreyyyyy!!
It is located nearby Tesco Extra Shah Alam, Restoran Upin Ipin. The texture look really good. I give 4.5 stars out of 5 =))
But, I dont like kuah kari and dalca. Not suit with my taste. The roti is really good. Yeehaaa!! Plus, coffee tarik. Superb ok!

Food: Yee Sang

Happy Chinese New Year! This is the first time I eat Yee Sang, and I love it so much. How to describe Yee Sang?? For me, it is like a salad, fresh vegetables, and eat with a sauce. Taste good and fresh.

Food: Hainan Chicken Chop @ Sunway Pyramid

As everyone knows, that I am in love with food. Btw, I hold the mayorship at Delicious, Sunway Pyramid.  I think they should give me 20% discount at least.
Food is like a treatment for my weekend. Last week is so hectic. I am unable to breathe. Ok, proceed with my review:
This menu is recommended by the chef. For me, it is good & unique compared to other typical chicken chop. Hainan chicken is very soft, covered with egg. But, the problem is, it is a bit oily due to the eggs absorb oil. Maybe they should wipe the oil before serve it to the customer. The sauce is nicely done and suit with asian taste, like spageti sauce, sweet and sour, but not spicy.
But, I give 3.5 stars out of 5 =)

Review: Thursday Plantation (Tea Tree Oil)


Sebenarnye dah lama perasan. Jerawat banyak gile tumbuh dekat kawasan selain T-zone. Pelik kann.. selalunye dia banyak tumbuh dekat T-zone. Ni yang rasa nak pengsan nie (saje nak over).

So, kite assume mungkin hormon tak stabil sebab stress (ye ke?), atau kurang tido, minum air, banyak toksin, dll.. sekarang jerawat banyak tumbuh dekat area mandible belah kanan. Sakit okeyyy..

Oleh itu, hari ini saya telah membeli Tea Tree Oil, Thursday Plantation. Tak tau lagi effect die camana. Baru pakai sekali. Haha.. Kalau best bole la nak suggestkan kat sesiapa kannn..

#13th Feb 2013: First try. Tea tree ni cepat serap dalam kulit. Bau tea tree agak kuat, medicine like smell gitu. Tapi, dia tak busuk.

Sehari apply 1-2 drops aje as per advice.
So, just wait and see...