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Korea Trip 1: Nami Island

This is my first trip to South Korea. I love to share whatever that I saw and learn along the trip. My first destination is Nami Island. Maybe for those whom follow drama like Winter Sonata & Autum in my heart, you will know this place, and in fact, you will know and remember every scene.. It is almost end of winter this time. I can feel the heat from the sun, yet it is cold. If I am not mistaken, it is around 2 degree celcius this time.
Little snowman, do you remember the scene where Eugene and Jun Sang made the little snowman? This is the one!
It is ice on top of the lake
Nami Island is situated 63km from Seoul, in the middle of Han River. According to our tourist guide, the place located to the north from Seoul is colder than south, east, and west. So, prepare with long jacket.
Do you remember the scene where Eugene and Jun Sang ride bicycle together after school? This is the place!
Actually, the island is quite small, but very attractive. After Winter Sonata drama become a hi…

Korea Trip 1: Preparation (Checklist)

I was so busy before travelling to Korea. But, I manage to complete at least 90% of my checklist. Checklist (must have): 1) Search for weather forecast.  - I am travelling during end of winter. But, it is cold. Average of 2 degree celcius is cold for me. 2) Jacket/winter coat -For me, let say the temperature is -2 degree celcius, long sleeve shirt + jacket is enough. But, for my first day, I need a pair of gloves. But, the next day, I dont wear gloves anymore. Maybe I can adapt with the weather in a day. 3) Wear socks and full covered shoes. -Even Koreans also wearing full covered shoes. 4) Lip gloss 5) Moisturizer. Seriously, it is dry in Korea.  6) Multiple socket/international plug. 7)Power Bank for handphone. 8) Not forgotten, the most important one, Korean Won a.k.a MONEY.

South Korea: I am cominggg.... even without preparation..

I am going to Korea. But, I havent prepare anything. 1st thing in my mind is just: "How to subscribe internet roaming package?" You know that i can die without internet in my hands!
2nd preparation: Money exchange.
Ok, That's the  only preparation that I did.. The rest, .. I surrender to God.

Food: "Make"Kelantan food @Sunway Pyramid

I miss Kelantan food very much!  When I was a student, I used to eat, and eat, and eat, a lot. Kelantan is food heaven. Taste different.  My favorite is Nasi Kak Wok of course. Nasi Kak Wok is actually plain rice (thai rice), gulai kelantan, fried chicken, plus sambal, and not forgotten, cucumber. Very simple, yet delicious. Second best is Nasi Kukus (as picture above).
Hey, actually I just came back from my late lunch at "make"restaurant at Sunway Pyramid. They serve 100% Kelantan food. I order Nasi Kukus, plus teh ice.
Comment: Taste 80%, almost similar with Kelantan food in Kelantan. But, a little bit different as they cook in urban way.  Teh ais almost the same. I seriously admire teh ais in Kelantan. They use cheap tea powder. But, taste is the best.
And, the good thing is...
How much it cost for my Nasi Kukus + Teh Ais?


WOW... No wonder nobody come and eat there. How come 3x expensive than the original one?? I regret..
But, o…