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Program: Back to school, mrsm mersing

After 9 years, finally, I am back to my beloved, my ex-school, MRSM Mersing =)) Seriously miss this place so much, where I grown up, learn from each other, practically, I met a lot of nice buddy here! How cool last time where each of us help each other, in terms of study.. Thanks a lot everyone =)
What made us back to school? Generally, it is part of reunion, also to meet our teacher, who support us, who always friendly to us, who we respect the most, without fail, made us always move one step ahead, thanks so much miss elly.. so cool of you, my Bahasa Malaysia teacher =)

Also, because of our junior. Maybe, our junior need to work harder. Last time, all of us stand up, to prove that we are among the best mrsm in malaysia, lets beat other mrsm bitara.

It was funny when the teacher ask us for not too struggle, because they afraid that the ranking might drop for the next year. Hey, we manage to climb drastically, to be among the best mrsm in 2004, we are top 10 =)). It is not no.8,9, or…

Good Food: Kluang Rail station, Kluang Johor

Heyy.. Kluang is my hometown =). Definitely, we have the best coffee shop in Malaysia..hehe. Last time, I can only enjoy this coffee at the railway, Kluang.  Now, they open one more branch, also in Kluang, nearby the roundabout.
What is so good about Kluang Rail Coffee? Taste fresh, and so kawww... Please try, and you will notice the difference.
I tried Kluang Rail Coffee at Ikano Power Centre, Damansara, the coffee taste about similar, but of course it is more pricey.. Btw, only in Kluang branch, you can order very fluffy Pau (Pau Tuna & Sambal) as above picture and also superb Roti Bulat like picture below.