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Good Food: Cendol at Madam Kwan

I enjoy Madam Kwan's food very much. I like Char Kuey Teow, Beef Rendang, and for dessert, of course Cendol =))
I introduce Cendol to my colleagues from India. He enjoy it very much. This one is pretty nice. They serve the sugar separately so that we can control the sweetness level. Good for health of course. Anyway, I always recommend Madam Kwan.

My favorite outlet for Madam Kwan is located at KLCC. But, if you dont want the crowded one, you can try 1Utama..

Food: Pizza at Papa Rich

Papa Rich is one of my favorite makan place. I dont know why. First, I like the Red beans pau. Very nice. Please try. Hehe.. Today, I try the Pizza. For me, not bad. Just that the cheese on top is too many for me. I need more chicken or beef bolognese. Overall, 3 star for you.

Product Review: Brushing better with Sonicare

I know that some say it is wasting money buying such an expensive electrical toothbrush. Ouch~! It hurts me sometimes because I am using it.
Normally, I change my toothbrush every 1 month. Why? Because I bought the Soft brush head, and the way I brush my teeth is like crazy. My friend said, the way I brush my teeth is equal to washing my white colour school shoe.. Hihi.. Very rough.  So, one toothbrush is equals to RM6.90/month. For 3 months = 20.70.
But, sometimes I bought the expensive Colgate toothbrush, and it is about RM12++
Then, my boss from Singapore said that, why dont you buy electrical toothbrush..
My awareness about oral health is not bad. At least once a year, I will go to dental clinic for scaling.
Once I try electrical toothbrush, I feel fresh. Whoaa.. Good feeling. The feeling is like, normally dentist will polish my teeth after scaling. So, my teeth feel fresh and clean, exactly the same feeling like after brushing using Sonicare.
So, no regret, I bought this one, an…

Product Review: The best shampoo in the world. Hehe

I know that theres a lot of advertisement for shampoo. Believe it, i tried it all. Last time i use Loreal, Head n Shoulder, Sunsilk,Rejoice, and what else? Name it.. But, I am not satisfied with the result.
Until one day, I went to the saloon, to cut my hair. Each time, the hair dresser offer me to give discount for the shampoo. Normally, I reject the offer because I think that, better buy shampoo in guardian or watson. But somehow, I agree.
You know why? I just realize that certain product, they only sell it in the professional channel. Because it is the high end product. So, I believe that saloon is considered as professional channel.
So, i bought this shampoo.

This Shampoo is manufactured in London. Price: I forgot actually, but I guess about RM40?? For 400mL.

I like the peppermint smell-feeling. My hair become softer throughout the day. Even I am wearing hijab, everything is alright.
Now, I dont want to switch to other brand. Definitely will buy this shampoo again later.
I highly…